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Why guys are so stupid I Looking Sex

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Why guys are so stupid

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Especially if you would like to have some red wine while getting mboobsaged.

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You do not want to be why guys are so stupid someone nor date someone who cannot understand that concept. There are guys who think sex is everything in a relationship — so they start out being pretty sexual from the start.

But, this shows that they only value stuipd and not who you are as a person.

We all want to date someone who is smart — but not someone who is so cocky about why guys are so stupid that they make us feel dumb. Guys who act too controlling come off asian mistress toilet crazy and stressful. No girl wants to date someone who acts like her father — guyw sure to steer clear of the guys who try to control every aspect of your life.

Try and mak him feel more comfortable and avoid converastions like that — or, ask him to stop bashing himself altogether. He may have a panic attack, throw up, ask to leave early — even.

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This guy is definitely not ready for a relationship and needs a bit more time to get himself. This post was originally published on YourTango.

Search Search for: They also didn't include men who didn't successfully eliminate themselves from the gene pool, like the man who "slipped why guys are so stupid using a belt sander as an auto-erotic device and lost a testicle. Of the verified and confirmed Darwin Award nominees, 14 were shared by a man and a woman.

These 14 were excluded to eliminate statistical confusion. There are confounding factors, like the effect of alcohol.

As an example, they cite three dudes why guys are so stupid "played a variation on Russian roulette alternately taking shots of alcohol and then stamping on an unexploded Cambodian land.

Spoiler alert: There wasn't an easy way to adjust guyx data to see alcohol's role and whether it explains some difference between the sexes.

Plus, correlation doesn't equal causation, and there's always why guys are so stupid possibility that men are more likely to be nominated or more likely to have a news article written about their demise. It's a very statistically significant indication that men are probably idiots.

As for why the Y chromosome works the way it does, we aren't stupd.

The team plans to follow up its research with observational studies of men and women with and without alcohol in Christmas-party settings. That's science, folks, and as Business Insider's only male science reporter, I'd say you can't argue with science.

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