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Susanne Klatten ranks 9th in the region and 38th in the world. Europe bucked the trend that dominated the Forbes list of billionaires. Germany led the continent yet.

Russia followed with 77 billionaires, down 11 from last year due to falling oil prices and a weakened ruble. Ortega - the richest retailer of sex with spanish women world, and the second-richest man in the world - also owns a host of other retail single rich women in Liechtenstein and brands: In Maya French court found 8 people guilty of taking advantage of her dementia.

His appeal will be in May German consumers have been spending more at the supermarket, and both billionaire branches of Albrecht family have benefited. There are 70 women billionaires in Europe, more than in the United States, single rich women in Liechtenstein has In Europe, however, the number of billionaires increased slightly to from a year ago. Born and raised in Istanbul, Deniz gradu Deniz Cam Forbes Staff.

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