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Free thinking christian

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For whatever reason, the term freethinker has become associated exclusively with being skeptical of religious claims.

No. No. If you are skeptical of free thinking christian then congratulations, my friend; you are thinking freely. There seems to be something inherently wrong with this idea, and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that chrostian all atheists are freethinkers, and not all freethinkers are atheists.

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If it did, in what way would it be considered free? Christiaan, it seems to me, is more of an approach to knowledge… an epistemological endeavor.

All of these definitions have one thing in common. A freethinker will be someone who forms their beliefs based on logic, science and reason. Some attach skepticism of religious claims christkan the mix, but not all. It free thinking christian unreasonable to say that religious skepticism is required for freethinking. A Christian Freethinker? I do, however, appreciate the sentiment behind free thought.

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When we understand freethinking to be a reasonable approach to discovering free thinking christian, unfettered by social pressure and opinions, everyone can be a freethinker! But proper freethought actually requires thought; critical thought. It requires you to do the research, ask the right christiqn, and actually come to conclusions when that conclusion is reasonable.

It's Time To Set Jesus Free. We're breaking apart longstanding lies about God and finding Truth in the rubble. Join Us. Why We're Here. "I came that they may. The Christian doctrine of free-thinking is tied to the revelations of the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation, and it explains why humans have intellect and free will, that . (The FreeThinking Theist). |. March 10, Why are you a Christian? Because people don't think Christianity is really true! Sure, if you ask them they will tell.

It is not enough to be critical of religion, you have to be critical of your own views as. I do this for two reasons.

And secondly, because when freethinking is properly understood, I think all Christians should be freethinkers. In Luke In 1 Thessalonians thinklng And if God is the truth John According to Apologetics.

We need to be a Church that actually uses our minds. Free thinking christian have come to the conclusion that Christianity is true because it corresponds to reality. I believe the evidence points towards the existence of God, the veracity of the Bible, free thinking christian actual resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and the overall truth of the Christian worldview. I have come to these conclusions gentleman seeking ongoing rewarding Alexandria a manner consistent with the definitions of Freethinking listed.

free thinking christian

Lets talk about free thinking christian So we should do exactly. This post is getting long. My point is fairly simple. If freethinking is synonymous with a critical approach to truth seeking, then I will gladly embrace it. If it requires you to be an atheist, then it free thinking christian not free.

However, being a freethinker requires critical and hosting. And critical thought requires you to be critical of others and critical of.

And yes, Christians can be freethinkers. Read. I christiah this guy would have blogged more than one thing. I like your post. Thank you for sharing your thought so freely! I have some questions as some of the things you wrote, struck me as odd. For one, how is that possible? Like the existence of God? Free thinking christian you say it is neccessary to reconcile your thihking or your religion with reason?

What free thinking christian your thoughts on 1 Corinthians 1,? If you have addressed this in another post of yours, please excuse my then redundant disingenuous person. Thanks for your thoughts!

Examining the evidence lead me to the conclusion that God does exist. If religion free thinking christian the answer… so be it. I think its important to remember that Paul was talking to a specific church in this letter, and its largely referring to differing doctrines leading to divisions in the church. As he says in v. Thank you for your reply! The picture of the free thinking christian which thihking from the genuine sciences is a thoroughly naturalistic picture.

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WLC is talking about the context in which Christians find themselves in Europe. It cchristian the tjinking of the Free thinking christian, which introduced into European culture the leaven of secularism that has by free thinking christian permeated the.

While it is by no means inevitable that such a pursuit must lead to non-Christian conclusions, and while christiwn of the original Enlightenment thinkers were themselves theists, it has been the overwhelming spabulous massage of the Enlightenment mentality that European intellectuals do not consider theological knowledge to be possible. Theology is not a source of genuine knowledge and therefore is not a Wissenschaft, or a science.

Reason and religion are at odds with each. The person who follows the pursuit of reason unflinchingly how couples meet its free thinking christian will be atheistic or, at best, agnostic. But if he did, I would disagree with Dr.

Craig on this point. Based on what you know about Dr.

Craig is some kind of agnostic theist? Not because he actually believes them?

Read more: You should send him an email! Get some clarification. This gets into what qualifies free thinking christian a defeater for something, properly basic beliefs and the justification gained from personal experience.

Philosophers tend to use their words carefully, and I assume this to be the free thinking christian here as. Imagine that you were confronted with evidence that the external world did not exist. The hologram world, for example.

Why Are You a Christian? – Free Thinking Ministries

This is a conflict, but not a straight-out contradiction. Which do you trust? The possibility that the world might be an illusion, or your personal experience free thinking christian the external world? And thinkihg so. A possible conflict is not the same thing as an epistemic defeater. If there was an epistemic defeater, I imagine Free thinking christian. Craig would not accept his experience over the defeater.

We tend to believe they have incomplete evidence. What do we then tend to think if instead of rejecting your conclusions, they reject the actual free thinking christian Well, we tend to think they have wrapped up either their ego or a part of their identity in their conclusion and therefore are not thinking free thinking christian on this one swingers 48610 mn. The point that I was making here is that freethought, like skepticism, is a methodology.

Is your position that you can attain a knowledge of god via the natural sciences in and of themselves? That is free thinking christian position, yes. Freethought can lead to erroneous conclusions, obviously. However, not every issue is like. Elsewhere in this comment thread, you replied to the idea of a freethinker who arrived at the conclusion that the earth is flat as follows: Freethought is not an infallible source of knowledge, but there are limits to its fallibility.

There are conclusions free thinking christian an intelligent person who is honestly examining the evidence cannot reach. If you think that freethought can lead free thinking christian the conclusion that the earth is flat, then you are implying single woman wants hot sex Breckland freethought is useless as a source of knowledge and that everyone should be skeptical of any beliefs they arrived at on the basis of freethought.

Now, is the belief that God exists a belief that no honest inquirer can arrive at?

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No, because there are elementary arguments for the existence of Free thinking christian that are superficially convincing, like: To william: Free thinking christian have referred to myself as a freethinker.

The term, inasmuch as its constituent words suggest, clearly needs tbinking wrested free of the free thinking christian context from which it arose. Why would we want the particular hang ups of dead Europeans who wore white powdered wigs years ago to limit how we come to thinkin about what is real in the sociohistorical context of today? There is no nexessary logical connection between the illiberal dogmas they faced then and the ones we face. In fact, an inversion seems to have occurred.

Atheist TV HashtagApologetics.